Permit Expediting

What is a Permit Expediter?

Permit Expediters diligently work to ensure permits are submitted in a timely manner and approved expeditiously. This initially involves researching permit requirements and analyzing the facts to find time and cost saving ways to submit the permit. A permit expediter then works with the construction and design team to ensure that all team members are aware of permit requirements and accurately complete documents on schedule. Once the permit package is submitted to the city, permit expediters follow-up with plan reviewers to answer questions and ensure that the permit does not get “hung-up” during the review process. Overall, permit expediting involves taking actions to move the permit approval process forward expeditiously while saving clients time and money.

What is a Permit Runner?

Permit Runners are essentially a courier with an understanding of permits and building departments. They can complete permit paperwork, pick-up documents from clients, submit permit packages to cities, pick-up approved permits, and post permits at job sites. Overall, permit runners ensure that permit packages are successfully submitted to the building department.

Permit Expediters of Florida provides both permit expediting and permit running services. Call us now!