Certificates of Use & Business Tax Receipts

Permit Expediters of Florida can help you obtain a Certificate of Use and Business Tax Receipt.  We specialize in handling multiple locations rather than just one.We have helped many  navigate the cumbersome city processes.  If you need an expediter who understands the complexities of the approval process and obtain your Certificate of Use and Business Tax Receipts, Permit Expediters of Florida has the expertise to provide the services you need.

What is a Certificate of Use?

The Certificate of Use is a city or county approval that allows a business to operate in the zoning district where it is located. It also verifies that the structure was built for the proposed type of business.  Prior to opening any business, a Certificate of Use often must be obtained. It is also usually required when an industrial or commercial building is built or renovated or an existing building goes through a change of occupant, name or type of business.

What is a Business Tax Receipt?

A Business Tax Receipt is different than a Certificate of Use. It is an annual tax on the business activity. The Business Tax Receipt is most often paid after the Certificate of Use is obtained.  Different cities have different requirements. It pays to hire an expert.